Emerging Themes

Emerging Themes

The Emerging Themes Unit conducts research on various interdisciplinary and cross-cutting issues relevant to policy and sustainable development. The Unit provides sound policy analysis and research in areas such as climate change,  energy, gender, environment, sustainable development and mining.

The Emerging Themes will become fully operation for the first time in 2018. In order to maintain some slack for accommodating emerging issues as they arise during the year, the unit will on plan for one activity apriori. This will be as follows:

(a) Zambia’s Proverbial Rabbit Hole: Street Vending: Zambia’s population is projected to increase by over 9 million people to a total of 24 million by 2030; 45% will live in towns and cities. Street vending, an informal sector activity, is driven by population growth, urbanization and unemployment. The activity is often ignored by policy-makers or seen as a problem to be eradicated. However, in Zambia, it continues thrive. The failure to either create the right policy environment street vending or to forcibly eradicate activity exposes street vendors in urban Zambia to persist and potential major challenges and risks. The opportunities and threats of street vending have been seldom paid attention to. The Emerging Themes Unit will therefore conduct a systemic literature review and Key Informant Interviews on street vending. The study will seek to understand the most sustainable way of managing street vending in Zambia, taking a case of Lusaka. The activities under this study are expected to be conducted from the first to third quarter of 2018. A working paper will be produced, targeting Ministry of Local Government as the main audience.

Emerging Themes Research Team
  • Dr. Bernard Tembo PhD
  • Chama Bowa-Mundia

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