Human Development

Human Development

The Human Development Unit conducts research in areas of poverty, education, health, labour markets and other social sectors. The unit provides a resource base on objectively researched policy issues in the social sector in Zambia, and to build capacity in social policy analysis, especially in government and private sector.

In 2018, the Unit plans to undertake the following core studies:

(a) Developing a Sector Based Minimum Wage: MLSS is developing sector-based minimum wages, as one of the main recommendations of ZIPAR 2017 labour regulations paper. Thus, MLSS requested ZIPAR to undertake a baseline survey on the prevailing Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment in selected sectors of the economy. This study will form a critical input for revisiting the minimum wage policy stance and make necessary adjustments to reflect current economic trends while also ensuring that current and future minimum wage are adjusted based on empirical data and economic rationale. The study will mainly involve the analysis of secondary data, starting in November 2017. MLSS, the client, will be the primary audience. The study will be completed and submitted to MLSS and published for public dissemination by the end of the first quarter 2018.

(b) Multidimensional Poverty Measurement (MPM): In 2016 ZIPAR launched published and disseminated a report on multidimensional measures of poverty in Zambia. During 7NDP implementation, the Government intends to monitor multi-dimensional poverty towards measuring progress in addressing poverty and inequalities. Through various consultations, MNDP expressed interest to collaborate with ZIPAR in firming up the mechanism for routine multi-dimensional poverty measurement. ZIPAR will therefore lead the revision and refinement of the methodology in the 2016 multidimensional measures of poverty in Zambia report. The MPM framework will be established and submitted to MNDP and CSO in June 2018.

The unit will also produce the following Policy Briefs:

  • Towards rational minimum wages in Zambia
  • Landscape of labour regulations in Zambia (based on the work done in 2017)
  • Policy consideration under a multi-dimensional poverty measurement framework
  • Financial cooperatives in retrospect and prospect

Human Development Research Team
  • Felix Mwenge
  • Tamara Billima-Mulenga
  • Miselo Bwalya

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ZIPAR is a Grant-aided institution under the Ministry of National Development and Planning.

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