Without a home grown economic recovery plan supported by an IMF loan there will be significant adverse consequences for Zambian households and the Zambian economy, says the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) in a policy paper published today.

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Malindi Msoni & John Mututwa

The Minister of Finance, in his 2017 National budget address to the National Assembly, made reference to the Government’s commitment to scale-up social protection programmes, to shield the most vulnerable in society from the negative effects of the Zambia Plus economic recovery programme.

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By Mwanda Phiri and Francis Ziba

Zambia's economic liberalization in the early 90s provided a gateway for the entry of foreign supermarket chain stores. In 1995, Shoprite pioneered the way into the unsaturated retail space and gained first-mover advantage which led to its dominance.

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By Gibson Masumbu

Government has indicated that it will remove subsidies in line with its quest to attain fiscal consolidation. Government has been providing subsidies that cover farmer input support, electricity and fuel consumption. Government has however also indicated that the removal of subsidies will be done gradually to mitigate adverse impact on the poor.

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By Joseph Simumba and Caesar Cheelo

ZAMBIA IS STRUGGLING to accelerate economic diversification. This challenge calls for serious policy action as there are now only 13 years to go before the due date for the Zambia Vision 2030. Economic output, employment and foreign trade are all concentrated among a few sectors and over a narrow range of products and firms.

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By Caesar Cheelo

The third pillar of the Zambia Plus economic recovery programme, which the Finance Minister launched in October 2016, focuses on improving economic and fiscal governance by raising the levels of accountability and transparency in the allocation and use of public finances.

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