Working Papers

A Cautionary Tale of Zambia's International Sovereign Bond Issuances
COMESA Customs Union and COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Area
China-Africa Trade and Investment Relations_Case of China-Zambia
Mathematical Road Distance Optimisation for the Core Road Network
Used Motor Vehicle Imports
Creating and wasting fiscal space
Estimating returns to education in Zambia
Resource allocation mode for the constituency development fund
Resource mobilisation and fundraising in basic schools
Switching costs, relationship banking & MSMEs formal bank credit in Zambia
Taxation of the informal sector in Zambia
The birth death and survival of exports in Zambia
The costs and pricing of tourism in Zambia
The distribution of household income
Trip modeling and cost analysis for public transport
Uncovering the unknown - an analysis of tax evasion in Zambia
Understanding youth labour demand constraints in Zambia
Welfare comparison in Zambia
The Expansion of Regional Supermarket Chains
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