Trade & Investment

Trade and Investment

Trade & Investment

The Trade and Investment unit conducts research on domestic and international trade policy issues. It also conducts research on the legal and regulatory environment for private sector business, particularly MSMEs. The main objective of the unit is to strengthen Zambia’s capacity in identifying suitable domestic trade reforms. The unit further supports the development of appropriate investment policies while encouraging regional cooperation and international trade policy dialogue.

The unit’s core works planned for 2018 will include the following activities:

(a) Business opinion, external capital flows and other economic surveys: premised on the [forthcoming] BOZ-ZIPAR MOU, this activity will consist of a number of survey sub-activities that will be conducted in collaboration with BOZ. The surveys are a key ingredient in the formulation and implementation of monetary policy. BOZ will provide funding for the surveys in accordance with Survey Guidelines that will be included as part of the MOU. The roles and responsibilities of BOZ and ZIPAR in these surveys will be specified in the Guidelines as will be the technical designs, protocols and timelines of the respective surveys sub-activities under this broad activity. On the ZIPAR side, the T&I unit will lead this activity and will draw on the MMP unit for technical support. Once the institutional funding arrangements are made known, ZIPAR may opt to execute the activity under BDU. ZIPAR will also negotiate to have user-rights to the raw data so it can publish independent outputs that speak to wider economic development issues beyond monetary policy. Subject to the agreement of BOZ, ZIPAR will produce at least one report on Business Perceptions about the Financial Sector in Zambia.

(b) Revisiting Zambia’s Relations with China, India and South Africa: during 2016-2017, the Chinese Embassy, Indian High Commission and South African High Commission separately expressed interest to hear ZIPAR substantive views about Zambia’s trade, investment and development cooperation relations with each of their respective countries. These countries belong to the BRICS. MMP unit undertook substantive work on China and scoping work on India and South Africa. Given the mounting interest, in 2018, the T&I unit will revisit the works conducted by the MMP unit with a view to reheat and synthesis those works. This activity will provide renewed or recast insights into Zambia’s Relations with China, India and South Africa, targeting MNDP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Embassy, Indian High Commission, South African High Commission, and the SADC and COMESA Secretariats.

The following additional Capacity Building Activities will be undertaken under the unit:

  • Training of staff from MCTI on the use of trade policy analytical tools; slated for Q2:2018 and fully funded by MCTI.

Trade & Investment Research Team
  • Mulima Mubanga
  • Shimukunku Manchishi

Institutional Brief


ZIPAR is a Grant-aided institution under the Ministry of National Development and Planning.

Working towards the fomulation of sound public policies.


2017 Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Award Winner for Environmental Research zema award.fw



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