Do Speed Cameras Improve Road Safety?

by Malindi M. Chatora and John Mututwa

Drivers in Lusaka will now have to exercise extra caution when driving following the deployment of roadside speed


Rethinking Maize Dependency

by Chama Bowa-Mundia and Caesar Cheelo

Among many Zambians, statements such as, “if I haven’t eaten nshima I haven’t eaten food” are very common.


IMF support still critical for Zambia Plus

Since 2016 the Zambian Government and the IMF have been engaged in talks around possible support to the Home-Grown Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme (ESGP), also called Zambia


Institutional Brief


ZIPAR is a Grant-aided institution under the Ministry of National Development and Planning.

Working towards the fomulation of sound public policies.


2017 Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Award Winner for Environmental Research zema award.fw



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